every day sicily

Every Day Sicily

The non-official website of Sicily

We communicate the most authentic and unconventional side of Sicily through the direct experience and the digital devices at our disposal, aware that the wonders offered by our land are not enough to bring forward its name.

We tell every single moment to show that beauty exists and need to be shared.

We travel to discover and draw the identity of Sicily.

every day sicily

We met Eccellenze, people that with their jobs put together tradition, innovation and good manner.

every day sicily

We immerse ourselves in every possible experience, unique moments in the truest Sicily.


every day sicily

Sicily wakes up slowly and falls asleep late.
People smile and the sun shines most of the times.
A piece of land that ends in the sea, a sunset, pasta lovingly cooked, the caress of an old lady, a tradition you considered waned, a wonderful landscape.
Let yourself being carried in the trip, we are already dreaming.


Until now we have met 32 Eccellenze: people that every day work to improve the place where they live.

every day sicily

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